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References and quotes for daily prayers of repentance
*Please think of the first number below as the date of the month.
*Please use this as a reference when praying on the relevant day.

*The text below is a famous Christian quote.

1.  I repent of a formal religious life that has lost its growth, change, and passion. I repent of my actions that undermine our sense of unity as a couple.
•There is nothing so trivial that we cannot entrust it to God, nor is there anything so great that God cannot handle it. We must have the humility of faith to entrust all things to God. Kim Seok-nyeon

2. I repent of my disobedience that prevented me from hearing God's Word and putting it into practice.
•Don't pray for an easy life, pray for a stronger person. Don't ask for what's right for you; rather, ask for the power that's appropriate for the job. Then, instead of your work becoming a miracle, your confidence will become a miracle. You will be amazed at the abundance that has come to you by God's grace. pastor brooks

3. I repent for forgetting to live each day by faith and living more self-centered than God. I repent of focusing only on myself instead of paying attention to the hardships of my wife and husband.
•The Bible is alive and speaks to me. The Bible has legs and follows me. The Bible has hands that grab me. martin luther

4. I repent of being bound by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of this world.
•If you have not heard God's voice telling you not to become a missionary, you should try to become a missionary.

5. I repent for not being able to always be willing to rest and give thanks for all my prayers. We repent for not fulfilling our roles as husband and wife and for creating walls between us.
•Waiting on God is not wasting time.

6.  I repent of having been bound by a comparative mindset instead of the precious sense of self-respect that comes from being a child of God.   
• Faith without love is not worth a penny. ​

7. I repent of saying 'No' to God's will and 'Yes' to my own thoughts and desires. I regret putting too much of a burden on his wife by not helping with housework and childcare.
•Is it difficult? If you don't walk today, you have to run tomorrow. Puyol

8. I regret that I have not been able to use and manage the time, materials, talents, and gifts that God has entrusted to me in accordance with God's will.
•Everything you have dedicated to God has been gained, and everything you have not been able to offer to God has been lost.

9. I repent of being too preoccupied with worldly success rather than spiritual success. I regret not paying enough attention to my husband's days off and breaks.
•The best day of a human being's life is the day he realizes his life's mission. carl hilti

10. I repent of having indulged in spiritual pride and laziness, and have become spiritually lethargic.
•If you clear away the stones in the stream, the stream will lose its song.

11. As a believer, I repent of not witnessing and evangelizing and not being aware of its importance. I regret that I have not been able to provide my children with an example of unity in faith and life.

•Optimistic people see opportunity in hardship, and pessimistic people see hardship in opportunity. churchill

12. I regret that God has criticized or complained about His beloved brothers and sisters because they are different from me.
• Worry cannot solve tomorrow's problems. It just takes away today's power. Coritenbun

13. As someone who has experienced God's forgiveness, I repent for not being able to forgive those whom God loved and forgave. I repent of my sin of shirking my parental responsibility for the godly training and spiritual maturity of my children.
•Using time for God is investing for eternity.

14.     I repent for acting based on individualism and selfishness rather than building up community virtue.
• All the weeds of sin grow in the field of pride. Bakurlei

15. I repent of having lived in compromise with the world without a sense of my identity as a Christian. I repent of my sin of trying to raise my children with my own greed and power rather than raising them on my knees in prayer.
•Once you commit a sin, you have no choice but to cover it up with other sins. Seneca

16. I regret not being able to fully surrender control of my life to God.
•Education without the Bible can actually make people into wise devils. lord wellington

17. We repent of the sins of worshiping gods other than God and idolatry practiced in the name of tradition and culture. I regret that I was not able to raise my children to know God and live in faith.
•Success does not exist in God's will. There is no failure in God's will. C.S Lewis

18. I regret not using my mind and time for spiritual activities such as reading the Bible and praying.
• Even if you lose the path, don't lose the people. Also, even if you lose someone, don't lose God as well.

19. I repent of my narrow-mindedness in not accepting the advice and advice of my leaders and colleagues. I regret that I have instilled in my children worldly values that value good grades, a good school, and a good workplace rather than honoring and fearing God.
•A place without prayer is the best place for the devil to work.

20. I repent of my sin of conforming to the lewd culture that is spreading like poisonous weeds and being unable to completely abandon it. I regret that I have not been able to encourage my children to have faith and a sense of challenge towards God's vision and dreams.
• Being used is more important than success

21. I regret not paying attention to the marginalized and vulnerable. I regret that I have not been able to encourage my children to have faith and a sense of challenge towards God's vision and dreams.
•Kill your pride before it kills you.

22.     I repent for slandering others in the name of anonymity and freedom of expression. I regret my indifference to children who are suffering terribly from school violence, suicide, and being left alone.
•It is never foolish to throw away something that is not eternal and cannot be protected in order to obtain something that is eternal. jim elliott

23. I regret that I have become a follower of worldly culture instead of being a dignified Christian.
• Fear of God resolves fear of man. William Garnall

24. I repent of my sin of being indifferent to the trend of disrespect for life, such as suicide, bullying, and slander. I regret not being polite to my child and letting him do what he wants.
•If a person succeeds without prayer, he will perish because of it. charles spurgeon

25. I repent of my indifference to the problems of violence, homosexuality, and bad society.
•We were born to do some things, not all things. Henry David Solow

26 I regret that I should have been able to share the gospel whether there was time or not, but I was not able to do so.
•If you don't separate from the world, the world will separate you from God. Wochmanni

27. I also repent for not being able to consider with love the pain of those around me.
•Money is the best servant and the worst master. Francis Bacon

28.  I repent of not being active in church events and service, and only doing so for the sake of appearance.
•Unless your wallet repents, there will be no true repentance. ​

29. I repent of the sins of dishonoring God's name and honor by lying, pretending, doing wrong things, or associating myself with such people.
• Reason is like a candle, but faith is like the sun.


30. I regret not being able to look back on my poor neighbors.
• God does not allow us any problems without a concrete plan to make great blessings come out of difficulties. peter marshall

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